You can become part of a close community in a small but active congregation. A congregation which renews/reforms itself, so that it is a part of the present.
The Reformed Church is a recognized denomination with the right to perform all religious ceremonies.
Church services are held every other Sunday and for the main church festivals. Some are simple traditional services, but others are, for example, open-air services and family services, where the participants are involved.
The congregation has a cemetery at the church, but special wishes about a grave somewhere else present no problem.
There are often pleasant get-togethers for the congregation, their friends and all who are otherwise interested. 

Who can become a member?
All who are interested in the congregation and its basis of faith.
No kind of historical or other connection is required.

How can  you become a member?
You can approach the minister. She will be pleased to tell you more and obtain any necessary papers. 

What about church tax?
As Denmark`s oldest acknowledged denomination, the Reformed Church is independent of the State. Therefore the congregation does not receive any public means. As a member of the reformed congregation you pay your tax directly to it. This means that you do not pay church tax through the tax authorities. From a taxable income 1.5. % is paid to the reformed congregation. This amount can be deducted on your income tax return. 

You are always welcome as a guest at church services and activities!!